We Are NC Filtration.  Over 60 Years Manufacturing Air Filters in the U.S.A.

We are a proven leader in the air filter industry while maintaining a solid reputation built on producing quality products and providing excellent customer service.

We Are Proud to Introduce Our First Direct to the Consumer Air Filter Ever!

The Dust Goblin is the creation of Jeff Kershaw, Vice President of NC Filtration, who has spent his lifetime in the family business.  

Jeff has lots of family and friends who have pets, who of course, produce a lot of hair around the house and children who are allergy sensitive. Pet hair, air particles, and dust were an issue affecting their quality of life.

So Jeff set his mind to creating a whole new design for a better air filter that does a much-improved job of removing air particles, dust, pet hair and dander and allergens. The result?    The Dust Goblin.

American-Made With Great Service and Fast Delivery

Our emphasis is on customer service and top quality materials. Since our start in 1981, we’ve worked to deliver quality filtration products directly to your home or business - at the best prices online.

Can’t Find Your Filter Size? We Have All the Sizes!

We manufacture our own products from our manufacturing plant in Belmont, North Carolina and proudly serve consumers and businesses of all sizes. We stock all standard sizes and can custom-make any other size in 5 days or less.

dust goblin replacement air filters


Our goal with the Dust Goblin, is to create value by manufacturing a superior product that refreshes the air in your home.


With a MERV 8 rating, Dust Goblin is the perfect storm of design and function, by inhibiting microbial growth while reducing the overall strain on your HVAC system! 


Turn your number memorization nightmare into a clean-air rainbow with our color-coded sizing system! We’re like a mood ring for cleaner air!


Dust Goblin’s multi-layered fiber design with adhesive backing is ten times thicker, and has been independently tested and proven to out-perform pleated filters by holding five times the dust!


Have an odd sized filter? Custom sizes are available for a small additional cost per filter.


NC Filtration – a proven industry leader with over sixty years of manufacturing experience. Our commitment to delivering quality products means the monsters under your bed don‘t have a chance!


We guide you through our simplified ordering process with an easy-to-follow, three-step system. No more confusing, multi-page order navigation!

Sign up for a subscription and get your filters automatically delivered when it is time to change them.

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